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Anton Kvashenkin anton.jugatsu at gmail.com
Sun Aug 5 09:31:52 MSD 2012

Here comes the true power of FreeSWITCH. mod_sofia allows you to bind
different user-agents with different configuration options and therefore
different ports to be listening to. So, my question would be: why don't you
want to use 5080 port for communicate with external sip-server. Let me
explain: when freeswitch acts like UAC ( user-agent client) to register to
ITSP to get the invites for incoming calls, actually, you will be using
gateway with provided credentialf for _external_ profile and therefore all
invites will come to 5080 port, it's just like your any VoIP- client like
Zoiper, for example. It can be 23000, it doesn't matter, you even do not
need to make any port-forwardind on router ( when your PBX is behind NAT).
Speaking about NAT, another reason to use external gataway is ext-rtp and
ext-sip options @ external.xml.

But if you want that freeswitch would be acting like Registrar ( register
roadwarriors clients, for example) or/and you want to receive anonymous
calls like sip:sales at domain.ltd you acctually shoul use external profile (
i. e. 5080 port) or create another profile with port of your choise. SRV
records become very handy.

So, my point is that the name of profiles is just the name, that's all. The
configuration options does matter.

Would you want to authenticate all incoming calls - auth_calls=true/false,
etc. It was example of difference beetween internal and external profile.

Of course if you have public IP you can simply use one profile (internal
5060) for all purpose, but if you use DID from ITSP you should'n
authenticate incoming invites from that ITSP, so here comes ACL.

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05.08.2012 2:14 пользователь "budi wibowo" <bwibowo at gmail.com> написал:

> hi
> just curious why freeswitch using port 5080 instead of 5060 for
> communication to external sip server.
> few days ago i interconnect fs to external sip server that running on port
> 5060, and this port id fixed.
> how to overcome this situation? other pbx like asterisk can use port 5060
> for both internal and external
> regards
> budi
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