[Freeswitch-users] Please help - How to use different variables in different bridge groups

Mario G mario_fs at mgtech.com
Thu Aug 2 00:07:42 MSD 2012

What I need: to have different variable/settings for each target group in a bridge command, and allow leg_delay_start to work. It's related to trying to fix other issues and holding up progress for them. Thanks for any help,
Mario G

I scoured the wiki and tried many things. Normally, enterprise syntax would solve this, but there is a catch: you can't use leg_delay_start which I need, it is ignored when using enterprise. I found that using brackets [] only applies the variable to the first user in the group, not the whole group so that won't work.

What I have now but need to have alert_info moved/apply to the mgt group only: 
<action application="bridge" data="{originate_timeout=45,alert_info=n=${lua_ringtone}}${group_call(mgtbria@${domain_name}+A)},${group_call(mgt@${domain_name}+A)},[leg_delay_start=20,leg_timeout=23]sofia/gateway/${dial_gateway}/19165551212,[leg_delay_start=20,leg_timeout=23]sofia/gateway/${dial_gateway}/19165551313"/>

 This solves variables for groups but breaks leg_delay_start, etc.:
<action application="bridge" data="<originate_timeout=45>}${group_call(mgtbria@${domain_name}+A)}:_:{alert_info=n=${lua_ringtone}${group_call(mgt@${domain_name}+A)}:_:[leg_delay_start=20,leg_timeout=23]sofia/gateway/${dial_gateway}/19165551212,[leg_delay_start=20,leg_timeout=23]sofia/gateway/${dial_gateway}/19165551313"/>
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