[Freeswitch-users] DTMF on BLeg not recognized by Cisco Gateway

Bernard Murphy bernard.david.murphy at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 23:26:40 MSD 2012

I have Freeswicth with a trunk to a Cisco SIP-ISDN gateway and am making a
call from a SIP device to an IVR out on the PSTN, i.e. SIP -> FREESWITCH ->
CISCO ->PSTN.  The Codec is PCMU throughout and while the call succeeds and
Freeswitch recognizes the DTMF and appears to generate tones in the Bleg
but they do not seem to be acceptable to the Cisco Gateway. The same call
without freeswitch in the middle i.e SIP -> CISCO -> PSTN works absolutely

I have already tried <action application="set"
data="rtp_manual_rtp_bugs=cisco_skip_mark_bit_2833"/> to no avail

A freeswitch log and wireshark trace are attached. Can anyone spot why this
is the case ?

I already admit that this is Freeswitch version 1.0.6 (rather old) and the
reason for that is that SIP Notify for MWI indication doesn't work with an
Avaya 9630 on anything later but do not have time to fix that right now.

Thanks in advance.
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