[Freeswitch-users] unimrcp nuance grammar failed to load

Anita Hall anita.hall at simmortel.com
Sat Apr 21 01:05:46 MSD 2012


I am getting the following error when using detect_speech from dialplan
with unimrcp, nuance speech server and nuance recognizer. I understand that
it is the job of the unimrcp client (ie mod_unimrcp) to convert the grammar
from JSGF to MRCP. Why do I not see any grammar text in the SIP trace ?
What could be wrong here ?

2012-04-21 01:58:01.855558 [DEBUG] mod_unimrcp.c:3433 (ASR-0) grammar
failed to load, status code = 407
2012-04-21 01:58:01.855558 [DEBUG] mod_unimrcp.c:1541 (ASR-0) PROCESSING

Complete logs are here

The SIP trace : ( is FreeSWITCH and is Nuance Speech
Server) ->  SIP/SDP Request: INVITE sip:,
with session description ->  SIP/SDP Status: 200 OK, with session description ->  SIP Request: BYE sip: ->  SIP Status: 481 Call Does Not Exist

My dialplan is
                        <action application="answer"/>
                        <action application="detect_speech"
data="unimrcp:nuance5-mrcp2 yesno yesno.gram"/>
                        <action application="detect_speech" data="grammar
                        <action application="detect_speech" data="grammaron
                        <action application="sleep" data="500"/>

My grammar is yesno.gram kept in /usr/local/freeswitch/grammar

#JSGF V1.0;
grammar example;
<yes> = [ yes ];
<no> = [ no ];
public <results> = [ <yes> | <no> ];

# cat conf/autoload_configs/unimrcp.conf.xml
is here

# cat conf/mrcp_profiles/nuance-5.0-mrcp-v2.xml
is here

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