[Freeswitch-users] Best practice for paging in an environment with multiple-registrations enabled on Sofia profile

Brian Foster bdfoster at endigotech.com
Fri Apr 20 00:39:40 MSD 2012

As the subject suggests, what is the best way to do paging with
multiple-registrations enabled? In my lab I have two phones, one is
registered to 2546 and 2686, the other is registered to 2546 and 2738 (so
both phones are registered to 2546 and another extension). I have something
set up so that FS sends out a page like so:

originate {sip_auto_answer=true}user/2546 at domain.tld&playback(alertmessage.wav)

However as you might expect (it does make sense) the first phone to win the
lottery and pick up the phone first wins the call and auto answers the
call. How do I properly get every extension to playback the message at the
same time?

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