[Freeswitch-users] capturing alphabet characters from session:read()

Peter Olsson peter.olsson at visionutveckling.se
Thu Apr 19 16:43:23 MSD 2012

On the other hand - A and D are valid DTMF tones, so are you sure no one is sending them?

0-9, *, # and A-D are valid.

Peter Olsson

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Hi Neil,

This sounds like a problem a few of us are suffering from - look on the list for "strange DTMF tones" and you'll see my posts.

So far, I've had to raise an issue with Sangoma since they wrote FreeTDM for FreeSwitch (as suggested by Michael).  I suggest you do the same as well.

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Hello, I have a Lua IVR app running on Sangoma PRI/FreeTDM. I am getting some funny dtmf input from time to time where session:read() returns an alphabet character (usually "A" when it does happen, less frequently it returns "D") instead of a digit. I am not able to reliably reproduce it, but posting the question here in case anyone can point me in a direction to troubleshoot this.

Thanks in advance,

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