[Freeswitch-users] Has the behavior of loopback endpoint changed since 92e89cb4532913a3fd7a4888f8c94df379775cc3 commit

Mitch Capper mitch.capper at gmail.com
Wed Apr 18 17:56:41 MSD 2012

If you don't mind doing some more testing you can help us narrow down
exactly what commit it broke for you on and will result in the fastest
fixing of the issue.
Using git bisect will do a binary search between the known good and
known bad commits to help you find exactly what broke it in the
shortest amount of time.  To try and find the issue that you know is
broken in HEAD but fine in that revision you posted:

git bisect start HEAD 92e89cb4532913a3fd7a4888f8c94df379775cc3

then compile / test etc/
the tell git:
git bisect bad or git bisect good
then it will move on to the next
git bisect reset when done

git bisect skip if you cant test a specific revision

If you have a script that can determine if it works or not you can use:

git bisect run [my_script] [arguments]
Note that the script (my_script in the above example) should exit with
code 0 if the current source code is good, and exit with a code
between 1 and 127 (inclusive), except 125, if the current source code
is bad.

Either way file a JIRA bug report on the broken / changed functionality.


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