[Freeswitch-users] How to update a live system with very little downtime (How does 'make current' work?)

Jason Moran jmoran at secureachsystems.com
Mon Apr 16 23:01:14 MSD 2012

Sorry for such a basic question:

1.       If I do a 'make current' while a system is running it will not
have any effect until I restart FS, correct?

2.       What if 'make current' fails? What if it fails and the server
gets restarted, will FS work?

3.       Is it more advisable to stop FS, do the 'make current', then
start FS even though it will have a longer down time?


I know it's best to keep FS up-to-date - but it is difficult when you
only have 1 system available and it is expected to have 100% uptime..


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