[Freeswitch-users] dynamic dialplan alternatives

Bzzz lazyvirus at gmx.com
Fri Apr 13 17:12:16 MSD 2012

On Fri, 13 Apr 2012 15:37:25 +0300
huseyin kalyoncu <hkalyoncu at gmail.com> wrote:

Hi Huseyin,

first, I'm not a FS specialist, so don't think my words are the
solution, only what I would do.

> we are currently have two fs boxes load balanced by osips.
> in each fs we have dynamic dialplan with mod_xml_curl using php & apache &
> mysql.
> this conf is doing just fine with current load (about 20 cps) but with the
> increasing of incoming traffic, it shows some performance issues.
> we want to increase our call throughput.

I'd jettison apache and replace it with i.e. nginx or lighttpd
(memory and latency matter, see the many tests on the web).

IF DB isn't very large, I'd also switch it to sqlite3 and copy it
to/from memory for (much) faster access (just in case, sqlite3
support foreign keys since V.3.6.19).

I'd also "cut" the dialplan between simple parts (on disk) and
subject to changes parts (on DB).

But first of all, I'd try to time all operations to discover where
the bottle(s) neck(s) is/are and make sure I've got enough RAM (not
for FS, but for the whole shebang around it).

My 2 ¢ (not on the head!)

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