[Freeswitch-users] dynamic dialplan alternatives

huseyin kalyoncu hkalyoncu at gmail.com
Fri Apr 13 16:37:25 MSD 2012

we are currently have two fs boxes load balanced by osips.
in each fs we have dynamic dialplan with mod_xml_curl using php & apache &
this conf is doing just fine with current load (about 20 cps) but with the
increasing of incoming traffic, it shows some performance issues.
we want to increase our call throughput.

i searched through fs site and mailing list and came up with following

1) using lua or(python?) to serve dialplan instead of mod_xml_curl
2) writing a dialplan module(something like mod_xml_curl) in c which will
do all
the db lookups etc..
3) using mod_erlang_event in outbound mode & spawning several erlang
workers to do db lookups etc..
4) using mod_event_socket in outbound mode & making db lookups on a
different server.

there is little information about 3 and 4 (only relative wiki pages)
so im not sure even they are make any sense.

before choosing one of above options i want to ask that
which one of these would you prefer to increase performance. or do you
have another suggestion other than these?

thanks & best regards,
Hüseyin Kalyoncu
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