[Freeswitch-users] ESL originate retreiving dialresult.

Michael Lutz mytemike72 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 12:41:01 MSD 2012

I am allready using the origination_uuid and pass it with the originate
command. I only create one now by using the create_uuid function.


So you say, don’t create a new one and just use one of a session that
already exists and is in progress? (so actually the session that is
‘connected’ to the inbound ESL session?  The originate/or system would not
have a problem with that? I would be setting up two calls wioth the same
 and how would my other uuid functions respond to that? I can assume a
uuid kill would suddenly kill two legs?






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Use the variable “origination_uuid”, and set to an uuid that you know. Then
it’s possible to detect the events showing up for this channel uuid.





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Hi Guys,


I am in an urgent matter an need help with something, I am using an ESL
inbound connection to setup a new call.

It works fine on successful answered calls.


I am using the uuid_getvar api function whilst dialing to get the
endpoint_disposition of the dialing uuid to check when a call is answered.

So when it’s answered it will return “ANSWER”.


The problem with this is that if an attempt fails, the endpoint disposition
cannot be read with the uuid_getvar function because the dialing session is
already gone.


What is the best way to get the result in realtime?, I really need to know
the reason it failed.



Thanks for your help,



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