[Freeswitch-users] combining multiple SIP providers

Mitch Capper mitch.capper at gmail.com
Mon Apr 9 18:51:02 MSD 2012

I assume you mean for outgoing.  Redundancy is easy just place one
after another in a dialplan as if the first completes the call it will
break out of the dialplan and not hit the second, if the first fails
with continue on fail it will try the second.
As for higher concurrency if you don't need load based distribution
and round robin will work you could just alternate between the two
outgoing providers.  If you want to keep track of how many calls per
provider are active you could do so using scripting more easily (to
query active calls before routing) or try to keep track using a
database or the hash system (although I am not sure if you could write
atomic code for the hash system to keep the counts exactly active).

But it is definitely doable within FS without much hassle.


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