[Freeswitch-users] FW: Inbound ESL .RecvEventTimed(0) Blocking?

Michael Lutz mytemike72 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 6 11:53:40 MSD 2012



Can someone please give me an answer, I am problaby not the first to notice.


I need to know why (and how to avoid)  ESLevent RecvEventTimed(0) being
blocking and keeps waiting for event to arrive,  as it should not.

It seems to ignore any form of time you pass as parameter and just always
wait for an event.


Btw, I am on Windows.





From: Michael Lutz 
Sent: donderdag 5 april 2012 22:19
To: 'FreeSWITCH Users Help'
Subject: Inbound ESL .RecvEventTimed(0) Blocking?


Hi Guys,


Can anybody please help me, I am using .RecvEventTimed(0) on a inbound ESL
connection to check if events are there.

According to specs, this should be non-blocking and as the wiki says "used
for polling".


However, the code just seems to stop until it gets an event.


I am listening with a filter for a specific uuid like:


ESLevent eslEvent = fsConnection.SendRecv("event plain ALL");

eslEvent = fsConnection.SendRecv("filter Unique-ID " + thisCall.callId);


Some code.


eslEvent = fsConnection.RecvEventTimed(0);


But it just waits for an event on the RecvEventTimed(0);

When I generate an event (for example pressing a dtmf) is continues.


Is there some extra thing I need to do?





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