[Freeswitch-users] Can ringback be variable in bridge command?

Mario G mario_fs at mgtech.com
Thu Apr 5 00:21:37 MSD 2012

I tried putting the ringback into a bridge command - no effect, I also tried adding bridge_early_media to the bridge - no effect. The problem is when the call  is picked during the the second bridge which is used to create a different ring on the extensions (there is a later bridge to answer) the other phones in the group continue to ring. I am trying to solve this which for some reason occurs more after I updated to the recent git. I am hoping if I can combine into a single bridge command the problem will be solved. Any suggestion greatly appreciated.

BTW, the command below does nothing, nothing in the debug, it shows up but nothing happens. I tried using ! , | but no luck.

   <action application="bridge" data="[originate_timeout=17]group/home@${domain_name}![originate_timeout=1]group/MGT@${domain_name}"/>

On Apr 4, 2012, at 10:51 AM, Mario G wrote:

> Testing the latest git has introduced an issue but I wonder if I can get around it by combining the snippet below into one bridge command. If I can set the ringback in the bridge it may fix it. I did not see this in the wiki. Can it be done?
> Mario G
>         <action application="bridge" data="[originate_timeout=17]group/home@${domain_name}"/>
> 	<action application="set" data="ringback=${us-ring}"/>
> 	<action application="bridge" data="[originate_timeout=1]group/MGT@${domain_name}"/>
> _________________________________________________________________________

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