[Freeswitch-users] Question on runtime.profile_time in switch_core_session.c

Joe Flemmings joe.jflemmings at gmail.com
Tue Apr 3 22:53:06 MSD 2012

Once I restart FreeSwitch I’m able to do 100cps without a problem but once
I go beyond this I get “503 Maximum Calls In Progress” which is okay due to
my hardware limitation.
My problem is that once I get this SIP message, and restart my tests again
without starting FreeSwitch, I only able to do about 50 and start getting
the  “503 Maximum Calls In Progress”. I have to restart FreeSWITCH to go
back to 100cps.
After digging in a little I see that in switch_core_session.c ,
has a lower value when there is one call before the restart than after the

This causes the calls to reach CPU limits faster than when I restart

        if (runtime.min_idle_time > 0 && runtime.profile_time <
runtime.min_idle_time) {

                return NULL;


What could be causing this?

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