[Freeswitch-users] enter only existing conferences in dialplan.

Stephen Dame sdame at 207me.com
Tue Apr 3 14:49:43 MSD 2012

I currently accept any "75xxx" numbers  and transfer to a conference with
pin with no problem, however currently if they mistype the number they end
up creating a new conference and sit there all by their self waiting.


I want to setup dialpllan entry that only allows a user to join a conference
that already exists and is active.


Have read thru the wiki, and the 2  FreeSWITCH books looking for examples on
how to do this without  creating database tables to store conference state.


In reading, looks like I can use ${} and get a "conference list" and with
regex patterns might be able to check for existence of valid conference ID
before joining them.


Does anyone have a simple approach to do this?   





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