[Freeswitch-users] Drive by DTMF

Brian Foster bdfoster at endigotech.com
Mon Apr 2 00:20:29 MSD 2012

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA - EndigoVoIP, a division of Endigo Communications,
has released a module for the open source telephony toolkit FreeSWITCH that
gives a user the ability to control a full sized automobile using the
buttons found on any telephone and a live video feed.

Mod_drivebydtmf, currently in beta status, will give the user to control
almost every function of a car. Keys one and three are used for left and
right turn signals, keys 2 and 8 will be used for acceleration and braking,
and keys 4 and 6 will be used to turn the vehicle left and right. The
module will also use the star key for an IVR that will be used to control
various other functions of the car, including gear selection, locking and
unlocking the doors on the car, and rolling down and up the power windows.
The pound (hash) key will be used as a panic button, which will stop the
car, place the car in park, shut off the engine, lock the doors, and call
emergency services.

Although the company says the module is in beta, it encourages
telecommunications administrators to deploy the module on a production
system. "There shouldn't be many bugs with the module, although we have
witnessed a few accidents due to the car not applying the brakes," says CEO
Brian Foster, "but we believe the error was due to a misconfiguration of
the module or driver error."

The company expects to see this the module used in a wide variety of
applications, from controlling UPS trucks on their delivery route to
driving the biggest military tanks on earth.

According to sources, the company expects to come out of beta by the end of
the year. And of course, EndigoVoIP will release the module as open source
under a Mozilla license.

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