[Freeswitch-users] ODP: PD: SIP -> XMPP calls

Muszalski Michał - Korpo TP Michal.Muszalski at telekomunikacja.pl
Mon Jan 31 17:05:03 MSK 2011


I've installed FreeSWITCH Version 1.0.head (git-cf253c3 2011-01-11 15-31-40
-0600) and still have the same problem :(
Any ideas?


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Temat: Re: [Freeswitch-users] PD: SIP -> XMPP calls

Muszalski Michał - Korpo TP wrote:
>> Hello,
>> We are trying to make some kind of a gateway between SIP and XMPP domain.
>> We have an environment with FreeSWITCH and OpenFire (FreeSWITCH is 
>> registered as a component in OF). Calls from XMPP to SIP are working 
>> fine.
>> The problem is with calls from SIP to XMPP. The caller (SIP) has a 
>> ringing tone, a the callee (XMPP) has a 'connecting...' message after 
>> answer the call.
I see this problem with a self-built FS git as of 01/26/2011, but not on a
FreeSWITCH Version 1.0.head (git-cf253c3 2011-01-11 15-31-40 -0600).

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