[Freeswitch-users] MoH and bypass media

Frank Park frank at telonium.com
Sun Jan 30 23:11:52 MSK 2011

Ok.. I know this topic's been covered several times, but I wanted to get the
latest information on this.

Brian said 2 years ago that...
"you can't get out of the media path when you unhold... FS will be in the
media path hold button moving forward unless you use the uuid_media command
to turn it back off. "

Now I have few questions:
1) Is this still the case?
2) If we have a console command to bypass the call on-the-fly, why can't
this be part of the built-in feature?
3) What other clever way have others come up with because using separate ESL
script to invoke such command every single time someone unholds a call?



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