[Freeswitch-users] Javascript IVR session question

Erik Dekkers erik.dekkers at wvds.nl
Tue Jan 25 11:57:51 MSK 2011


It's like this. I would like to let the customer records a message. Then a technician should get called and the previous recorded message should be played.
So after the customer has records his message, the line should be hung up. Then a new call should be made from the IVR to the technician.



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If I read this correctly you are hanging up the channel that you later wish to bridge to user/202. Why do you need to hangup? Perhaps you could describe a little more about the application? I'm sure we can help you iron out the details.

On Sun, Jan 23, 2011 at 12:48 PM, Erik Dekkers <erik.dekkers at wvds.nl<mailto:erik.dekkers at wvds.nl>> wrote:
Hey ppl,

At the moment im building a Javascript based IVR but im kind of stuck on a part.

The IVR should do this:

- Answer session (working)
- Play some wav files (working)
- Record a message to file (working)
- Hang up the first session (working)
- Call the second session (not working)
- Play the previous recorded file (not working)

After I dial the second session, the console says "channel is hungup already". How should i do this?

Kind regards,

Erik Dekkers (wvds-nl on IRC)

my script:

var allDigits = "";
function on_dtmf(session, type, digits, arg)
    if (digits.digit == "#") {
        return allDigits;
    if (digits.digit == "*") {
        return false; //stop the recording.
    console_log("digit: " + digits.digit + "\n");
    allDigits += digits.digit;
if (session.ready()) {
    allDigits = "";
    var rtn;
    rtn = session.streamFile("/home/edekkers/sounds/10_spreek_in.wav", on_dtmf, "");
    if (session.ready()) {
        var tmp_Filename = "/tmp/test.wav";
        if (session.ready()) {
            rtn = session.recordFile(tmp_Filename, on_dtmf, "", 120);
        rtn = session.streamFile("/home/edekkers/sounds/11_bericht_is_ontvangen.wav", on_dtmf, "");
        if (session.ready()) {
if (session.ready()) {

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