[Freeswitch-users] Bounty Offered for A2Billing equivalent for FreeSWITCH

Rafqat . rafonline at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 23 17:00:18 MSK 2011


I was wondering if anyone is interested in developing a billing application that is on-par with the current functionality offered by A2Billing but for the freeswitch platform. I have attempted to make a calling card app myself using modules like mod_nibblebill and mod_lcr but I am struggling with failover working the way I thought it would work (maybe my ignorance) and also issues with ## to make follow on calls.  I know I could simply try and resolve these issues but after looking at A2Billing it seems to offer a lot:


I would like the application to be event socket based (preferably written in Java) and would most likely sit on some other server, leaving freeswitch to do what it does best.

I am not sure the kind of bounty I should be offering for this.  Please bear in mind this is not a private venture as such but something for all of us to be able to use free of charge.

Please let me know if anyone is interested (particularly the core freeswitch team) and how much you would like for it.




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