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No, when you make a call from a SIM the phone network only sees the SIM's phone number. You can either send that or withhold it, but not send the other leg's caller id.

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On 22 Jan 2011, at 14:01, Aza Tek <azatek0 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Are any of these GSM Gateways capable of passing the original caller's ID?
> Thanks
> A more premium solution would be 2N at http://www.2n.cz/en/
> These work very well and in my experience are reliable.
> Portech also have external boxes:
> http://www.portech.com.tw/p3-product1.asp?Cid=6
> Haven't used them myself but someone in #freenode once mentioned
> Mobigator, a GSM gateway compatible with FreeSWITCH. Uses a simple USB
> link to hook up to your freeswitch server. On the software side I think
> you need to install gsmopen on your FreeSWITCH box (howto on wiki).
> http://www.mobigater.com/index.php?p=2&s=4
> http://www.mobigater.com/index.php?p=2&s=6
> At about $120 or €90 they are quite affordable but I don't know how well
> they work.
> Regards,
> Patrick
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