[Freeswitch-users] mod_fsv, record and playback options

William Kendi ... william.nishio at voicetechnology.com.br
Sat Jan 22 01:59:03 MSK 2011


After being tired of waiting for some answer from the community, I did some
modifications in the "mod_fsv" module, with help from Paulo Panhoto, the
same guy that made the "mod_mp4" module.

With the modifications, now the "mod_fsv" supports the "break" application
and also supports interrupts by DTMF. The interrupts by DTMF must be used
through the channel variable "playback_terminators".

Can someone tell me if this modification is going to be included in the next
FreeSWITCH release?

Thanks in advance.

2010/12/22 William Kendi ... <william.nishio at voicetechnology.com.br>

> Greetings,
> Currently, I am trying to record and play videos through FreeSWITCH using
> the "mod_fsv" module. Some options like timeouts and interrupts by dtmf
> digits seems to be lacking in the "mod_fsv" module and I cant even stop the
> video recording using the "break" application. The video recording stop when
> the user disconnects.
> Anyone has any ideas about how to stop the FSV video recording without
> disconnecting the user?
> Thanks in advance.
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