[Freeswitch-users] Help regard to park_timeout

lakshmanan ganapathy lakindia89 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 21 16:07:11 MSK 2011

Dear all,
I was using park_timeout and I come across the following scenario which I
felt something is missing.
I've originated a call as follows.

/root/a.pl'}freetdm/grp1/a/9952248266 &park()

Once the call is answered I originated another call.
originate {ignore_early_media=true,park_timeout=60,api_hangup_hook='perl
/root/a.pl'}freetdm/grp1/a/9843171457 &park()

Once this call is also answered, I said "uuid_bridge <uuid1> <uuid2>". Both
call gets bridged. After some time, I hangup the second call (9843171457).
Now the first call goes into park().

I expect that the first call will hangup after 60 seconds, but it didn't.

The freeswitch log is here

When I start to use the park_timeout, I thought once a leg is in park, then
the timer will start, and once it is unparked for various reason the timer
will be reseted. After sometime, when the leg again comes in park, the timer
will start. Is this correct?
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