[Freeswitch-users] Fax gateway

Antonio potxoka at gmail.com
Wed Jan 19 23:52:04 MSK 2011


I have some doubts about implementing a system FreeSwitch fax, maybe 
it's because I have not understood exactly how this. I have a sip proxy 
architecture and FreeSwitch (several servers) as gateway.

+------+                                 +-------------+
  | PROXY |------------------ | GW FreeSwitch |
+------+                                 +-------------+

                        |Mail Server  |
                        |       +         |
                        | FreeSwitch  |

I have read from top to bottom FreeSwitch wiki and I found a script to 
do it, but still I have doubts as to which there are several DID for 
sending and receiving, my biggest problem is the acounting, not very 
well if GW lodge in the application, as it can go to the proxy 
(acounting) to leave by the GW and what DID go between for those the 
proxy (no acounting, but to have control) and return to GW will be in 
the application that send the mail.

Has anyone implemented something like this or can advise me?. My biggest 
question is how to make it happen always for the proxy without making a 
loop and fail. Thanks.


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