[Freeswitch-users] Simultaneous Ringing Of Internal Extension And PSTN Number

Jerry Richards jerry.richards at teotech.com
Mon Jan 17 20:59:23 MSK 2011

Hello All,

I would like a configuration that rings both an internal extension and a PSTN number (via an internal PRI), but the PRI immediately answers with PROGRESS_MEDIA (i.e. ringback), which cancels the call to the internal extension.  Is there a way to prevent Freeswitch from canceling the internal call?  I would like both endpoints to ring until one of them actually answers the call.

Here is an example of my bridge statement:

bridge({presence_id=2002 at}sofia/internal/sip:2002 at;transport=udp,[lcr_carrier=Carrier / Location 1/INTERNAL PRI TRUNK,lcr_rate=0.00200,origination_caller_id_number=4257402463]openzap/smg_prid/a/4259438201 at g1)

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