[Freeswitch-users] Outgoing registrations within a fs pool

Bernhard Suttner bernhard.suttner at winet.ch
Thu Jan 13 15:40:21 MSK 2011


I want to do outgoing registrations (gateways) to a provider. The scenario is like that:


SBC (Kamailio)
|     |       |
FS1  FS2     FS3

FS does share the same database with ODBC. The question is now, could FS1 register to the provider that the call will reach the SBC later and then maybe forwaded to FS3 instead of FS1? The best way would be, that the "pool" of FreeSWITCH Server does register to the Provider. So, one of the FreeSWITCH server decides that it is necessary to register to the provider again (because of expires) and all the other will not register for this time. Next time maybe another server does register. It should be not bound to one specific FreeSWITCH server. 

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,

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