[Freeswitch-users] return value in diaplan from external script

Avi Marcus Avi at aMarcus.com
Mon Jan 10 06:12:19 MSK 2011

You can't, or at least you can't directly. While you can call a php script,
freeswitch will not wait for the output. Here's a few options: -use lua to
do your processing. That can be run inline to set variables and the like.
(Easiest if you can get your head around the lua) -if you just need a simple
sql query, use somethibg like mod odbc query from the git contrib. -use xml
curl so you can completely control the dialplan flow -or even more if lua
isn't your thing you can create an esl php applicatio that can control the
call in realtime, rather than just generating dialplan xml. -or an iffy idea
-call the php script, have it save to sql or something, and have the xml
dialplan sleep for a moment and then retrieve it.
On Jan 10, 2011 4:08 AM, "Madovsky" <infos at madovsky.org> wrote:
> I'd like to get the value from a PHP or Perl function back
> to the dialplan. not sure how get the value.
> Thanks
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