[Freeswitch-users] Get a CLUE an (ANSI C compiler targeting high level languages) LUA, JS, Perl, C, Java and Common Lisp

EdPimentl edpimentl at gmail.com
Thu Jan 6 20:49:32 MSK 2011


Clue: an ANSI C compiler targeting high level languages

*New! v0.5 released!* Now we support Java --- at about 40% of the speed of
native code!

Clue is an ANSI C compiler (C89, some C99) that targets high-level languages
such as Lua, Javascript or Perl (and some low-level ones). It supports the
entire C language, including pointer arithmetic, and can be used to run
arbitrary pure-C programs.

Clue currently supports the following targets:

   - Lua 5.1.3
   - Javascript
   - Perl 5
   - C
   - Java
   - Common Lisp

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