[Freeswitch-users] mod_conference with cluster ODBC

joy this thisjoy0528 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 5 11:15:10 MSK 2011

Would you please explain how to bridge two conference in different servers
together? I tried the uuid_bridge and uuid_transfer, but it doesn't work. I
could only use "originate sofia/gateway/gateway_name/extension" to bridge,
but I don't want the dailing appear.

Beside, I want to know that how to bridge two conference in the same server
together. I could use "conference cof_name transfer" to bridge, but when I
bridge the members in conference B to conference A, the conference B will be
destroyed. So I can not transfer the original conference B members back.

Sincerely yours,

2011/1/4 João Mesquita <jmesquita at freeswitch.org>

> They are indeed 2 completely different conferences. There's no
> implementation of making these 2 conferences bridge themselves
> automatically.
> The way I have solved this problem for now is have an ESL daemon
> "listening" on the conference creation events and bridging the 2 servers
> together when the one with the same name on the same domain is created. This
> solution might work for you and it's no too hard to implement.
> Regards,
> João Mesquita
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