[Freeswitch-users] Issues with bidirectional early media

Max Bridgewater max.bridgewater at gmail.com
Sat Jan 1 01:02:31 MSK 2011

Hi Folks,

A while ago, I tried the following code and it indeed worked with my
carriers here in Canada:

dtmf = session.getDigits(4, "#", 10000);
console_log("got total digits: " + dtmf + "\n");

Eight months ago, I could read DTMF entered by the users while in
early media. It seems it's not working anymore. Has this behavior
changed in Freeswitch or all of the carriers turned it off?
I tried to test it with Xlite but the newest version seem not to send
DTMF at all.

I would highly appreciate if somebody could test this to confirm that
it's indeed related to my carriers.
Things work fine when I replace preAnswer() with answer(); but that's
not what i want to do.


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