[Freeswitch-users] Fax Machine

Antonio potxoka at gmail.com
Sun Oct 31 18:52:36 PDT 2010


I'm new to FreeSwitch and am having some doubts with the implantation of 
a fax system.

In the company I am introducing a machine with FreeSwitch that make the 
function of gateway (ISDN & SIP) with different provider. We have a 
server (SIP) for the treatment of users: registration, location, 
acounting (to know you spend each user and department, etc.). I'm having 
real problems (well, I have more since I am a rookie with FreeSwitch) 
with the configuration of sending fax. After checking FreeSwitch wiki, 
the fax receiving does not see much complication, will receive the fax 
and send it to an email address ;-), but the problem comes when I send a 
fax and make the accounting :-(.

If traffic T38, would pass by the main server and this would make the 
accounting treatment, but we will use email sending or winprint (hylafax 
virtual printer) and therefore does not pass through the main server :'( .

He had intended to create in FreeSwitch a sip provider that is the 
connection to the server and forwarding the traffic back to FreeSwitch 
(gateway), so traffic would be recorded.

FreeSwitch (gateway & fax) -> server (accounting) -> FreeSwitch (gateway 
& fax) -> providers.

What do you think this solution? You think of any better idea? Do not 
enter a loop to send traffic that is going to route it back outside? 
thank you very much.


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