[Freeswitch-users] Binding to external IP address during system boot

Steven Ayre steveayre at gmail.com
Sat Oct 16 07:28:49 PDT 2010

One if these would do it:
sofia reload
sofia profile <name> restart

Note you might (probably will) get dropped calls if you do it while calls are in progress.

Steve on iPhone

On 16 Oct 2010, at 02:17, Jason White <jason at jasonjgw.net> wrote:

> I am running FreeSWITCH under Debian, with ppp0 (an ADSL connection) as
> the external interface. Often, FreeSWITCH successfully starts and binds
> to the (dynamically assigned) external IPv4 address during the system
> boot process. Sometimes, however, this fails and I get (from sofia
> status profile external):
> sip:mod_sofia at
> Clearly, it has bound to the loopback interface. Restarting the sip
> profile doesn't fix it, but restarting FreeSWITCH does.
> Is there a command that I can place in a networking script that will
> force the binding to be dropped and a new binding to be created, without
> restarting FreeSWITCH entirely?
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