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Michael Collins msc at freeswitch.org
Wed Oct 13 17:13:08 PDT 2010


I updated the agent login/logout example on the wiki:

If you add group_confirm_key and group_confirm_file to the member dialstring
it will work. (I just tested on latest git no problems.)

Also, you are trying to add a fifo member every time a caller is put into
the queue. Adding and removing fifo member (aka "agents") is totally
separate from putting callers into the fifo queue. You'll see in the wiki
that there are 3 different extensions: one for an agent logging in, one for
an agent logging out, and one for putting a caller into the fifo.

Give it a whirl and let us know how it works for you.


P.S. -  use the text on the wiki and not the file in SVN contrib - I still
need to update the contrib repo...

On Tue, Oct 12, 2010 at 11:19 AM, Kyle Haefner
<Kyle.Haefner at colostate.edu>wrote:

> Hi All,
> I'm pretty new to freeswitch :)
> I'm trying to set up the following scenario:
> 1. A caller calls in is greeted by a message that says, "Please hold while
> your party is located"
> 2. The caller is placed on hold
> 3. An outbound call sequentially rings cell phones through a gateway
> 4. If a cellphone answers the "agent" must push a digit (to verify they are
> not voice mail)
> 5. If a digit is pushed the agent is connected to the caller
> I'm trying to implement this using mod_fifo, however when I add the caller
> to the fifo, processing of that extension stops and I can't ever call and
> test the cellphone to add them as a member of the fifo.
> <context name="custom">
>   <extension name="FIFO-Call">
>     <condition field="destination_number" expression="^(100)$">
> -       <action application="answer"/>
>         <action application="playback"
> data="/usr/local/freeswitch/sounds/en/us/callie/misc/noc_intro.wav"/>
>         <action application="fifo" data="noc_fifo in nowait"/>
>         <action application="sleep" data="300"/>
>         <action application="set"
> data="effective_caller_id_number=${outbound_caller_id_number}"/>
>         <action application="set"
> data="effective_caller_id_name=${outbound_caller_id_name}"/>
>         <action application="set" data="ringback=${us-ring}"/>
>         <action application="set" data="call_timeout=60"/>
>         <action application="set"
> data="group_confirm_file=/usr/local/freeswitch/sounds/en/us/callie/misc/prove_youre_human.wav"/>
>         <action application="set" data="group_confirm_key=4"/>
>         <action application="set" data="fifo_member(add noc_fifo
> {fifo_member_wait=nowait}sofia/custom_dialplan/89883757 at pstn-gateway
> :5060)"/>
>     </condition>
>   </extension>
> </context>
> Any help would be greatly appreciated!
> Kyle
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