[Freeswitch-users] Click to Dial using REFER

Neil Burgess neil.burgess at redmatter.com
Tue Oct 12 09:24:52 PDT 2010


We are looking at how to implement some "Click to Dial" functionality, and have come across a "REFER based" method documented on several sites, e.g. http://www.tech-invite.com/Ti-sip-service-19.html, which shows the possibility of a Switch or some other agent sending a SIP REFER to a Client which causes that client to make an outbound call to the "referred to" URI.

This is also documented elsewhere as:-

"First, the SIP server sends an INVITE to one of the phones because phones usually do not accept
REFER without prior invitation.The INVITE contains as the IP address in SDP, because
there is no remote phone (the message is sent by user agent within the SIP server which does not
deal with media).
After that, the server sends a REFER method which will ask the phone to send INVITE
somewhere else.The URI of the called party is passed to the phone in a Refer-To header field of
the REFER method."

My question relates to whether or not it is possible to cause FS to issue this form of REFER via the Event Socket interface to implement this kind of click to dial functionality.


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