[Freeswitch-users] Get on IRC day!!

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Fri Oct 8 20:39:14 PDT 2010

mercutioviz wrote:
> If someone stays away from FreeSWITCH solely because they don't like
> our combination of mailing list, IRC, and wiki then so be it. We respect
> their decision.
> <snip>
> That's five different ways of connecting. I'm sorry, but that's more than
> enough ways to get people to call a *VoIP* conference about telecom
> software. If people are incapable of connecting from one of these five
> ways
> then they are not yet ready for FreeSWITCH.
Whether these FS wannabees are ready or not isn't for me to judge. But, a PR
with attitudes like above will likely to make wannabees and/or newcomers
uneasy and if not unwelcome, AFAIC. It sounded like as if FS doesn't need
you, but if you can make it to reach FS then you are welcome (because you
have passed the 1st hindrance), especially to attend FS conference room.

I respect your honesty. I will encourage those answering newbie questions to
> be more explicit wherever possible. Just understand that everyone on this
> list and in IRC is an unpaid volunteer, giving of their time freely. In
> some
> cases an expert has to make a choice: give a brief answer or give no
> answer.
> Given the option, I think even a newbie would appreciate the quick answer
> as
> opposed to silence on the wire.
I reckon we all do understand that our present here to help each other is on
a voluntarily basis. As w.r.t either give a brief answer or give no answer,
my opinion is silence is golden. As a newbie here, I may not be of any help.
But, there were several occasions that I had to retreat from trying to help
even though I had the answers. The reason was I simply didn't have enough
time to spare and I certainly wouldn't like to give brief answers that may
and/or may not lead to nowhere to resolve the issues. One thing we all need
to remember is the help one provides here isn't only for the current
readers, but also will be for future readers who need it, too. So, a more
elaborate answer will certainly make Perhaps, I shall not do that in the
future and just rush to lend my hands as my allotted time will allow.

We spent a ton of time on the FreeSWITCH book, which contains a lot of the
> hand-holding newbies really need. It's relatively inexpensive and you can
> get just the PDF if you like. (If you're destitute then you can probably
> borrow the book from someone who has it.)
I agree with you on this. The FS book is of invaluable to any FS users.
Those who are in the US and EU shouldn't have a problem to order the book
and/or e-book. But, those who live in some 3rd world countries may have
problems, i.e. their credit cards won't work (even to pay paypal), shipment
doesn't arrive, etc. In the long run, it will be a lot more headaches for
those who live in some 3rd world countries trying to order things from other

However, please keep in mind that those who don't have telecom,
> networking, and/or VoIP experience are going to experience a much steeper
> learning curve. That's just the nature of the beast.
I completely agree with you on this. Let's also not forget that, unlike
asterisk, FS is a huge software that can do more and can also be complicated
to newbies with a much steeper learning curve.

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