[Freeswitch-users] Cannot create any sessions at this time

Tim St. Pierre fs-list at communicatefreely.net
Fri Oct 8 07:00:52 PDT 2010


At some point during the night, something happened to our freeswitch blocking all outgoing calls.
When I looked at the console, I got this message "Cannot create any sessions at this time".  There
were no active channels according to show channels, and for whatever reason, I thought to try fsctl
hupall and then fsctl resume.  That fixed everything, but I have no idea how it got to that state.
Everything was working fine when I went to bed yesterday.

I couldn't find anything on the wiki about the error message or the resume command.

What does this error message mean, (what can put it into this condition), and what did the resume
command do that made it okay again?

Just so I can avoid this in the future when we move our 300 office users over to this box!



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