[Freeswitch-users] Problems with fs_cli on OS X 10.6.4

Steven Ayre steveayre at gmail.com
Fri Oct 8 04:56:58 PDT 2010

1. Check FS is running
2. Check the port you're connecting to matches the one in event_socket.conf.xml
3. Check that event_socket.conf.xml binding to the same IP you're
connecting to (e.g. if you're connecting from a remote
machine, since the default won't work then)
4. Use netstat on the FS server to verify FreeSWITCH is actually
listening on the port you're trying to connect to (I've had a syntax
error in the config file make the module fail to load in the past
which left FS running but with no ESL socket). (If the module fails to
load there'll also be an error in the log file).
5. Check a firewall isn't blocking access to the port


On 7 October 2010 01:23, Peter Schrock <peter.schrock at gmail.com> wrote:
> Okay, so I managed to get FS working the other day and I even managed to
> test a call and test my voicemail. All seemed to be working smoothly until,
> because of the rain here, my power went out and I had to reboot my computer.
> I logged in through the terminal, set up FS in background went to fs_cli and
> I get this error message:
> [ERROR] libs/esl/fs_cli.c:1206 main() Error Connecting [Socket Connection
> Error]
> I managed to figure out that in the file "fs_cli.c" on line 1206 you find
> the code for displaying this error message. The problem is that I don't know
> why this error message is occurring. Does anyone have any helpful hints as
> to what I should look at to resolve this problem?
> I even tried going to the git tree and make current, but that gave me
> problems that forced me to turn off mod_spandsp and mod_skyopen in the
> modules.conf, which I had running earlier. Any thoughts?
> PeterS
> PS
> I am not sure if this is of any help, but in addition to the error line
> above, it also posted this info:
> Usage: fs_cli [-H <host>] [-P <port>] [-p <secret>] [-d <level>] [-x
> command] [profile]
>   -?,-h --help                    Usage Information
>   -H, --host=hostname             Host to connect
>   -P, --port=port                 Port to connect (1 - 65535)
>   -u, --user=user at domain          user at domain
>   -p, --password=password         Password
>   -x, --execute=command           Execute Command and Exit
>   -l, --loglevel=command          Log Level
>   -q, --quiet                     Disable logging
>   -r, --retry                     Retry connection on failure
>   -R, --reconnect                 Reconnect if disconnected
>   -d, --debug=level               Debug Level (0 - 7)
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