[Freeswitch-users] Possible bug with bypass_media=true functionality

Pete Kelly pkelly at gmail.com
Thu Oct 7 07:37:35 PDT 2010

Hi, I posted a question to this list yesterday because I was having problems
with my calls ending as soon as they were bridged. I was originating 2
outbound calls from a lua script, then bridging them. I managed to get round
the problem of the calls shutting down immediately by initiating calls using
the originate command, thusly:

originate sofia/lpmedia/2000 at '&lua(click2call_call.lua)'

This causes the lua script to initiate with a session already present and
then a bridge to a new call (legB) completes successfully.

Within the lua script I am bridging to leg B like this:

session:execute("bridge", "[bypass_media_after_bridge=true]sofia/lpmedia/
91979197 at")

This works, but the reINVITEs which get sent out after legB is established
contain the wrong sip request URI.

- The SIP URI in the reINVITE to Leg A is to the MEDIA IP of leg B (the SIP
packet is sent to the correct IP, just the request URI contains the media
- The SIP URI in the reINVITE to Leg B is to the MEDIA IP of leg A... again
the SIP packet is sent to the correct IP, it's just the request URI which
contains the media IP.

In some instances the request URI doesn't contain the username either, it is
just INVITE sip:<MEDIA_IP>

I am using the latest sources of freeswitch from git

Is this a bug I need to report? It is causing me to receive 404 and 402
errors on the reinvite as the request URI is invalid.

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