[Freeswitch-users] mod_h323 - worst audio quality compare to other h323

Shamun toha md shamun.toha at gmail.com
Tue Oct 5 08:42:00 PDT 2010

Dear FS H323 author and experts,

With all my respect, I never saw till today H323 audio quality can be that
much bad compared to my past years audio experience with quintum/cisco

After spending couple of days, reading the source and and make file sources,
i am now able to install mod_h323 in fedora/centos (32 bit or even 64 bit
system). But when it has to face real world calls scenario, it does not
really makes any sense the level of audio quality i am listening now.

- Non stop 3/4 hours i just played mod_h323 and British telecom premium call
termination route. (honestly mod_h323 really have some problem, somewhere)
- I just planning to switch back to SIP :o(

Highest priority, for mod_h323 Audio problem:

1. mod_h323 cant handle IVR audio/sound to other legs

2. When call is bridged with SIP user and H323 user ( both parties cant
communicate because there is drop of audio, latency is very low, very bad
audio quality)

3. H323 to H323 calls, have same audio issue, i just tried to tune to some
point, but i just cant make it work!

Less priority, Freeswitch instance problem, while using mod_h323:

1. When mod_h323 is loaded, and i want to shutdown freeSwitch instance, i
cant, FS gets freezed.

2. I need to reboot server either physically or init 6 for every restart of
FS instance.

3. Risk of segmentation fault

Many thanks & Best regards
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