[Freeswitch-users] Codec question: about the G729 codec

Georgiewskiy Yuriy bottleman at icf.org.ru
Mon Oct 4 11:11:56 PDT 2010

On 2010-09-29 07:38 -0700, mazilo wrote freeswitch-users at lists.freeswitch.org:

m>Georgiewskiy Yuriy wrote:
m>> On 2010-09-24 09:22 -0500, Brian West wrote FreeSWITCH Users Help:
m>> BW>It could be but it won't include the patent indemnity, isn't optimized
m>> and doesn't support the project.  ;)
m>> BW>
m>> BW>/b
m>> BW>
m>> BW>On Sep 24, 2010, at 9:18 AM, mazilo wrote:
m>> BW>
m>> BW>> How about the  http://www.itu.int/rec/T-REC-G.729-200701-I/en ITU
m>> G729 CoDec
m>> BW>> source ? Can this be ported to FS?
m>> It's already ported, see http://github.com/Deepwalker/fs_itu_g729
m>Cool and thanks for the link. I believe this will be available for the next
m>releases of FS.

I think no, it violates patents in some countryes ad cannot be included in fs trie.

m>don't and stop are the ONLY two 4-letter words considered offensive to men,
m>but not when used together.

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