[Freeswitch-users] Call back from voice mail creates loop

Tim St. Pierre fs-list at communicatefreely.net
Mon Oct 4 08:03:23 PDT 2010


I'm trying to set up the option in voicemail so that users can return a call directly from VM.

In my voicemail.conf.xml profile I have specified the dialplan as XML and the context as "internal",
which is what I use for calls coming from our endpoints or authenticated users.

In our internal dialplan, we do some pattern matching and call an appropriate lua dialplan script to
do build a set of instructions.

Problem is, the lua scripts are looking at the destination_number variable to decide where to send
the call.  This variable is still set to "voicemail" from when the user called into their voicemail.
 Shouldn't the voicemail app have set that to the number we want to call back?

I used the info app to look at the variables, and I didn't see anything obvious.

Is destination_number the correct variable to use in a lua script that generates a dialplan?


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