[Freeswitch-users] Email fails due to FROM not set as needed

David Ponzone david.ponzone at ipeva.fr
Sun Oct 3 16:57:01 PDT 2010


i think you need to read the wiki a little, to read ALL FS's default  
config files, and (sorry, I gonna be sarcastic) to learn how to use  
grep :)

grep mail conf/* and grep mail conf/autoload_configs/* may give you  
some answers:

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Le 04/10/2010 à 01:21, Mario a écrit :

> Email from FreeSwitch does not work because the relay server does not
> recognize the FROM: 1000 at address. The Postfix log shows the FS
> email going out but rejected due to a bad FROM address. I could not  
> find
> anything on this so does anyone know how to get FS to use a preset  
> email address?
> I have Postfix (Sendmail look alike) running and tested. FreeSwitch is
> set to handle emails in switch.conf, and the correct parms are in the
> user settings. I need to control the FROM address FS uses. Thanks.
> Mario
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