[Freeswitch-users] voicemail email not working.

Peder peder at networkoblivion.com
Fri Oct 1 09:12:06 PDT 2010

My guess would be that you are using the wrong variable names.  From the


The address you want notification messages sent to default: same as
This is defined in the directory for the particular user as a param.

This is the user's email address default: undefined (originally called
email-addr. Use vm-mailto instead)
This is defined in the directory for the particular user as a param.
Multiple email addresses can be defined using a comma-separated list.

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Hi.  I left a test message and instead of using the variable I have in
my user directory, it tried to deliver to username at domain name which is
invalid -- so why did it not use the variable voicemail_email I have in
the user directory and it completely ignored the voicemail_notify_email
I have as well?

Any assistance would be appreciated.

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