[Freeswitch-users] Open source softphone that can handle g729

Emil Ivov emcho at sip-communicator.org
Sun Mar 21 17:47:10 PDT 2010

На 22.03.10 00:57, Brian West написа:
>> Well, that's a bit vague. Maybe if you've had/have specific issues
>> with it, you could drop us a note so that we could fix them.
> Overall UI behavior is not well tested.  Too many options, too many
> clicks to actually get to what you want to do. 

Well, I am still not sure I see which options you have in mind so if you
ever come across them again, don't hesitate to drop us (or me) a note.

> Video with H264
> doesn't work so well from SIP-Communicator to SIP-Communicator as
> recent as last weeks build. 

Right, depending on the OS and the device, this one does have some
issues. We have developers looking at them, and expect to see them
resolved in the following couple of weeks. Could let you know when done,
if interested.

> See comment above, Not sure what was going on or what was wrong... it
> just didn't work as expected or like EyeBeam or X-lite does.

Quality-wise, I certainly don't agree. As for look and feel, the
projects are hard to compare since they are simply different
applications with pretty different objectives. This doesn't mean either
of them is ... crap.


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