[Freeswitch-users] How does mod_directory get users information?

Robert Hadley robert.hadley at teotech.com
Fri Mar 19 11:30:55 PDT 2010

Thanks Tim,

It's working now by setting the "effective_caller_id_name" variables to
actual names.

Question: What is the way to adjust the sound level of the directory
phrases, especially the TTS portions?

The playback of the .wav files sound loud enough, but I can barely hear to
spelled names.


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It looks in the user directory.

It will request users in the domain specified when you invoke it.

Something I learned (with help from the author), was that the users have to
be in a group.  The
default group will do.

If you are using xml_curl to generate your directory dynamically, you have
to set your script up so
that it will return all users in the domain when the user isn't specified in
the query.  You don't
have to return all the variables though, just the user's name and number
will usually work.

Robert Hadley wrote:
> Hello,
> Where does mod_directory get the user information it uses to put into
> the database in creates?
> Thanks,
> Robert
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