[Freeswitch-users] freeswitch, openzap, dahdi issues...

Russell Mosemann Russell.Mosemann at cune.org
Thu Mar 18 17:48:46 PDT 2010

Tom Christensen wrote:

> If any of the 4 echo
> cancellation algo's were specified in /etc/dahdi/system.conf then there
> was no audio at all on the calls.

I'm not glad this happened to you, but I'm glad to hear about the problem. I have the same problem, and I thought it was something specific to my setup. I even compiled OSLEC separately with the same results. The call completes, but there is absolutely no audio. It is completely silent. I suppose that is a pretty effective echo canceller. :-) I did not notice any errors in the console. If EC is removed, the audio works.

> Also, I had intermittent (like 1 out of 2 or 1 out of 3) calls with very
> poor voice quality (robotic sounding, distortions, dropping in and out).

I have not experienced that. There seems to be a brief audio dropout every couple of seconds during a call, like a couple of packets are being dropped every now and then, but I haven't dug into it, yet.

> This experience leads me to believe that possibly openzap isn't ready for
> prime time?  Would I have been better served to include libpri in the
> technology stack?

I'm sorry to report that I am using libpri, but that's interesting. I'm curious about the source of the problem and why EC would be affected. I don't see a connection.

> I'm running a current FS SVN from 3 days ago, dahdi 2.2.1, and openzap
> using a digium te110p.  The PRI is an NI2 t1 if that matters...

Exact same setup here. Hmm.

> Any ideas or recommendations of things to try would be greatly
> appreciated. I'd really like to avoid the dual server situation if at all
> possible.

Sorry, I'm looking for a solution, myself. The echo over the T1 isn't all that bad here, but it would be nice to use EC.

Russell Mosemann

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