[Freeswitch-users] How do I use eavesdrop?

Mark Sobkow m.sobkow at marketelsystems.com
Thu Mar 18 14:36:53 PDT 2010

Ok, so that new originate command will give me another UUID, and I'll 
have to bridge it to the original call's UUID, correct?  i.e. Someone 
dials the 66xxxx extension, it calls back to Erlang and parks.  Erlang 
issues the originate command, returns a UUID for the new call, and I do 
a uuid_bridge so the caller can hear the eavesdrop.

The only thing I'm a little puzzled by is the user/agentname string.  
The caller is already on the phone, so how can Freeswitch call them?

Alternatively maybe I could set the operator UUID into a variable and 
establish the call through a dialplan extension, but I think that ends 
up with the same problem of the caller being busy.

I do have one other option -- we have a softphone built into our 
front-end application, so I could have a button press/menu selection on 
that application issue a command to Erlang, which would mean it could 
call the softphone because it's not busy trying to dial a special 66xxxx 
extension.  That actually might be the best solution, because then there 
is no "secret" extension in the dialplan that unauthorized users might 
learn about.  I just need to have one of our other developers provide an 
API to retrieve the configured extension/registration information for 
the softphone so it can pass along the extension to Erlang for building 
a dial string.  The only "downside" to that approach is that it 
_requires_ our client application to work, but I think our user 
community will be ok with that because managers need that application 
for a whole host of features, not just the softphone.

Andrew Thompson wrote:
> I do it like this:
> freeswitch:bgapi(Fnode, originate, "user/agentname" ++ " &eavesdrop(" ++ UUID ++ ")")
> But user/agentname can be any FS dialstring (SIP/... or whatever). It
> dials the endpoint and then the b leg is the eavesdrop() call.
> Andrew
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