[Freeswitch-users] Fscomm unable to detect devices

João Mesquita jmesquita at freeswitch.org
Wed Mar 17 05:01:15 PDT 2010

Rob, I believe that the core has failed to load. I have not added any type
of check on the code level for those cases yet as I believed it would never
really fail to load. Those cases have been more frequent than what I
originally expected so I will add that to code today (hopefully later

Meanwhile, what you can do is check if the ports are open or not on the OS.
I am not sure how to do that on Windows. Or, maybe we already have logs on
the log folder?

João Mesquita

On Wed, Mar 17, 2010 at 4:49 AM, Rob Dyck <robert.dyck at shaw.ca> wrote:

> Is there something wrong with my build?
> fs_cli yields "[ERROR] libs/esl/fs_cli.c:1181 main() Error Connecting
> [Socket
> Connection Error]" with fscomm running.
> RD
> On Tuesday 16 March 2010 02:36:28 pm William Suffill wrote:
> > With FSComm running you can use fs_cli to try pa list. If u can't list
> the
> > devices that would be the problem. I'm going to try to dig into this
> > further on 1 of my desktops w/ pulseaudio.
> >
> > -- W
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