[Freeswitch-users] call info display

Ken Gillett ken at ukgb.net
Tue Mar 16 09:23:51 PDT 2010

Thanks, but could I ask for more specifics? Exactly what info is sent and is it sent as part of the SIP info, i.e. so any SIP device ought to display it correctly? Are there any docs I can read that will explain in detail about the information that is sent (i.e. call info, not SIP protocol stuff) and how to configureFS to send exactly what is required?

On 16 Mar 2010, at 15:48, Anthony Minessale wrote:

> depending on the phone FreeSWITCH will update the display any time a call is bridged.
> it works on polycom,snom and aastra and I am not sure if there are more.
> On Tue, Mar 16, 2010 at 5:50 AM, Ken Gillett <ken at ukgb.net> wrote:
>> Sorry to ask what are perhaps very basic questions, but could someone please enlighten me on FreeSwitch's capabilities with regard to information for display on the recipient's extension.
>> When a call is received, the extension really needs to display information about the origin and the intended recipient of the call. Normally for an incoming external call, the former is supplied by the 'incoming CLI' (often linked to locally stored name) and the latter probably by associating a name with each incoming line, so in this way the recipient can see at a glance who called whom (or what).
>> Am I right in thinking that within SIP there is the provision to send information about the calling party (origin), so the called party (recipient) doesn't have to rely on CLI and matching numbers to locally stored directories?
>> So, how does FS handle all the above?
>> What does it pass to the recipient, for both external and internal calls?
>> Is this part of FS configuration? IOW, do you have programmatic access to such information and can you specify exactly what is sent to an extension?

Ken G i l l e t t


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